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Wolk (born 24 May 1998) is an Russian Hockey? player, who plays as a midfielder [now Atack Defender] for Red Undead. Administrator of Hockey? Group Former administrator of league of NGHL. The current national team player (3 games - 11 goals, 1 assist)

Career Edit

Oak Trees Edit

Wolk began the career under Mificly nickname. And its first team was The Oak

Trees. Having visited there it is short in a stock, the player decides to form new team, unfortunately, it there is nothing doesn't bring and the team breaks up.

Totals B/ Brutal Ghosts/ Pucking Fuckers Edit

Then the player replaced a nickname with "Wolk" and passed into NGHL to form once again team, so there was Totals B, then according to the decision of the captain (Wolk) and players, the club separated and became independent team (Brutal Ghosts (BG). This team was strongest, in it such players, as Lilipotto played, crab. During crisis the team became Puck Fuckers (PF) branch. Then I fell into decay and I broke up.

Totals Edit

Wolk was invited in the Totals team where he became the captain later and headed team of 9 months. During this time at his captaincy of Totals won tournament in which won 19 games from 20. However, then the player leaves the team.

Devilz Edit

Then there was a transition to Devilz. But the transfer held on 30 minutes then the player remained without team.

Ice Warriors Edit


Statistics of Lemons for the NGHL+IPHL tournament

Wolk passed a newly made team where at once I became the assistant, it stayed there less than a month.

Lemons Edit

On July 2, 2014 the transfer in Lemons.

Totals Edit

On July 29 2014 Wolk returned to Totals

The Oak-Trees Edit

On October 22 2014 Wolk joined to Oak (IPHL)

Devilz Edit

On February 2 2015 returned to Devilz (IPHL)

The Oak-Trees Edit

On September 13 2015 returned again :D to Oak (IPHL), it was not too long...

Red Undead Edit

Wolk with Panda create new team on December 13 2015.

Alliance (Loan) Edit

On September 18 2017 Wolk got loan to Alliance (IPHL) team.

Tournaments Edit

Mini Tournament NGHL 2013 - Winner (Totals A)


Results of "NGHL Spring April League 2014"

NGHL Autumn Tournament 2013 - second place (Hawks)

"NGHL Spring April League 2014" - second place (Totals)

NGHL Autumn Tournament 2014 - third place (Totals)

IPHL Spring Tournament 2015 - Winner (Devilz)

IACH Tournament 2016 - Winner (Red Undead)

Ice Cup IPHL 2016 - third place (Red Undead)

Association Cup - quarterfinal (Evergen)

IPHL Summer 2016 - fifth place (Red Undead)

IPHL Winter 2017 - third place (Red Undead)

IPHL Summer 2017 - second place (Alliance)

Outdoor activities Edit

Is the founder of one of the largest online communities Hockey? in Europe and the CIS.

NGHL helps teams in search of talented newcomers.

NGHL helps in organisation of tournaments.

Achievments Edit


NGHL Autumn Tournament 2014

Played on a match of stars of NGHL 2013.
Best player Autumn NGHL Tournament.
Russian national team player.