Win Spirit
WS Logo
League IPHL
Players 8
Status Active
Founded 2013

Win Spirit is a Hockey? team, playing in the NGHL, created by Bastik (captain) and Price #31 (assistant) in August 2013. One of the first and oldest NGHL teams, only team in the league, which has never been disbanded. In November 2014 Win Spirit created its own farm club called Nordic Vikings, which playing in NGHL.

Current Roster Edit

  • Bastik (RUS)
  • Price #31 (RUS)
  • Daddy (RUS)
  • Tema (RUS)
  • wawa (RUS)
  • ZippO (RUS)
  • DeadMouse (RUS)
  • Mars (RUS)

History Edit

  1. 5th place on New Autumn Tournament 2013
  2. 6th place on NGHL Spring April League 2014
  3. 3rd place in group B (with OSC and OAK) on IPHL+NGHL Commonwealth Cup
  4. 1st place on The Autumn Tournament NGHL 2014
  5. 3rd place on NGHL New Year's Mini-Tournament 14/15
  6. 2nd place on NGHL Spring Championship 2015
  7. 1st place on NGHL Regeneration Cup 2015