The HistoryEdit

The team was created to account for players who were not drafted or signed to an LHL team. This team allows them to showcase themselves in the RSL stage and potentially be picked up by a team.

Notable PlayersEdit

The UFA team has had its success stories. This is a list of a few select players signed due to their performances.

  • Roman Polak (G) - Season 2 - Played for the team nick'd "IG", was signed to Chicago as a fulltime starting Goalie following Dyal's retirement from the game on April 20th,2014.
  • NorseBruin91 (O) - Season 2 - Signed before his RSL debut to Boston. PK, the GM, noticed his commitment to the game and getting better in public matches throughout the week and as such signed him to the RSL team. He would go on to score 2 goals in his debut.