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Ukraine national hockey team.

National team that represents Ukraine in the game Hockey?.Founded in 2013. The first match was played on March 29, against England. (3:4) (2:3).This was the first meeting of the national teams in the history of Hockey? community. 

March 15, 2014, the national team of Ukraine, played a friendly match against the Russian team. Teams played three matches. Two matches ended in defeat for the Ukrainian team. (3:0, 14:0). Third match, the Ukrainian team won. (5:6). This is the first defeat in the history of the Russian team.

Team rosterEdit

1. Mirrorboy (C) - Alliance. (IPHL)

2. DeNiS - Nordic Union. (IPHL)

3. Drossel-17 - Free.

4. Ricky - The Oak-Trees. (IPHL)

5. okasj - Free.

6. Orakyl - Totals. (NGHL)

7. Draxler - Alliance. (IPHL)