The Facepunch V2 texture pack for Hockey? .55

What do they do?Edit

Texture packs will change how your Hockey? looks. Some texture packs will change the jerseys, ice, or the rink itself. Some texture packs will even change all of these things.

Where can I get these Texture Packs?Edit

Here are some links to help you:

You can also check out /r/hockeyquestionmark for more info.

How do I install these Texture Packs?Edit

Instructions for jerseys:

1. You will need to puts these in your models folder, NOT TEXTURES. To get there, you will need to open your hockey055f folder > data > model.

2. The away colors (white) should be named player_chest0 and player_legs0

3. make sure you use the download button, not right click, save as

4. make sure you rename or remove the old jerseys.