The Cheese Steak machine. Your opponent in Skills mode.

The hockey prototype (current version 0.62a) is a completely remade version of hockey? with new physics and a new engine. It is currently in the early stages of development so many features have yet to be implemented, including basic features like teams.


Note that current features may change, and planned features are not guaranteed to be implemented.


  • Full body collisions. The puck can no longer pass through your body, and you can kick it with your skates.
  • More realistic stick model. Shaft of stick can collide with things.
  • Skills mode. Play against a simple AI (currently a Cheesesteak vending machine)
  • No more pushing the puck into ice or into other players sticks causing it to launch around the rink.
  • Practice Mode
  • Teams (most likely in next version)
  • Dedicated Servers


  • Some amount of jersey/player customization
  • Account system: organize teams and prevent random players from joining league matches.
  • Physics improvements: Less wobbliness, more detailed stick collision (currently the stick blade is still treated like a box), Longer reach on left side.
  • Left handed mode


  • Puck can get stuck behind the net when pressing R in practice mode.
  • Jumping exploit is back (leaning forward and jumping repeatedly gives you a huge speed boost)