Region Eastern Europe
No. of Teams 6
Current Champion Win Spirit
Type 4v4

NGHL is the second-tier Russian Hockey? league. Previously, IPHL and NGHL used a promotion-and-relegation system, which was used when Totals B was promoted to IPHL and Alliance was relegated to NGHL after the IPHL Cup 2013. This system is no longer used, although IPHL can admit top NGHL teams to IPHL when they want to.

Current teamsEdit

  • Energy Sticks
  • Lemons
  • Hawks
  • Totals
  • Win Spirit
  • Southern Cruisers

Tournament historyEdit

Main article: NGHL tournament history

Tournament Winner Runner-up Third place Fourth place
Mini-Tournament 2013 Totals A Totals B Steppe Eagles Devilz
New Autumn Tournament 2013 Alliance Saint Hawks Ice Warriors Forest Grizzlies
NGHL Competition 2014 Totals Hawks BARIS Southern Cruisers
Spring April League 2014 Devilz Totals Hawks Southern Cruisers
Commonwealth Cup 2014 No NGHL teams in Top 4
Autumn Tournament 2014 Win Spirit Lemons Totals Southern Cruisers
New Year's Mini-Tournament 2014 Energy Sticks Lemons Win Spirit Hawks