Mighty Dicks (MD)
League HQML
Players 6
Status Defunct
Founded 2012 (as UML)

The Mighty Dicks (MD) were founded in 2012 as the IPHL team Ursa Minor League. They were the oldest North American hockey? team. Due to attendance problems, the team disbanded after HQML Season 2.

 Roster (Seasons 1 and 2)Edit

  • Dick Van Deke
  • Dick Trickle
  • Dick Cheese
  • Harry Dick
  • DickPocket
  • DicTac



IPHL 2012 Roster listing Ursa Minor League

The team was originally formed as Ursa Minor League in late 2012 to compete in the IPHL, however ping issues kept the team from competing until the HQML was created. Despite a promising start, and the addition of TicTac to the roster, the Mighty Dicks were eliminated in an overtime loss to the Luck Chasers in the first round of the playoffs. Season 2 would be a disastarous season for the  Mighty Dicks. Starting with an 8-2 loss in the season opener against the rival Luck Chasers, the team only won a single game the entire season. Plagued by attendance problems, the Mighty Dicks' only win came against the Cock Dragons with a thrown together roster that included only one actual MD player. The team disbanded after Season 2 with Dick Van Deke joining the Shithawks and all other players not signing up for season 3. The team may return with a new lineup for HQML Season 4.

Season-by-Season RecordEdit

Season  GP W L Results
1 ? ? ? Lost in 1st round of playoffs
2 7 1 6 Didn't make playoffs