Fletcher Edit

Fletcher aka F is a Russian Hockey? player.He is a midfielder in Devilz.Played Hockey? since 2011.

Career Edit

Red Forest Edit

First Fletcher's team.Played in it since 2012.Second creater.

Queens Park Butovo Edit

Established after the red forest, is its continuation.

Oak Trees Edit

Another team created by Fletcher and Rewersy(Delikatestrader).There is still.

Puck Fuckers Edit

Played in the team a couple of days.

Sober Not Edit

Was invited from PF.Was the main goalkeeper.Played in the team about a year.

Oak Trees Edit

Returned to the team Rewersy(Delikatestrader).Played one tournament, then went to Devilz.

Devilz Edit

Playing as a team today.

Tournament play Edit

"VK League 2012"

"Autumn Tournament 2012"

"Winter Hockey? Tournament 2013"

"Spring Hockey? Tournament 2013"

"Hockey? IPHL Tournament 2013"

"IPHL Winter League 2014"

"NGHL Spring April League 2014"

"IPHL+NGHL Commonwealth Cup"

Achievments Edit

"VK League 2012" - 6 place

"Autumn Tournament 2012" - 4 place

"Spring Hockey? Tournament 2013" - 1 place

"Hockey? IPHL Tournament 2013" - 2 place

"IPHL Winter League 2014" - 3 place

"NGHL Spring April League 2014" - 1 place

"IPHL+NGHL Commonwealth Cup" - 2 place