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Dick Van Deke
Current Teams spin2win(HQML), Hartford Whalers (LHL)
Former Teams Ursa Minor League (IPHL), Mighty Dicks (HQML), Dallas Stars (LHL), Washington Capitals (LHL), Shithawks (HQML), Boston Bruins (LHL, Team Texas(HQML), Minnesota North Stars (LHL), Minnesota Wild (LHL)  
Status Active
Joined 2011


Dick Van Deke started playing hockey in 2011, shortly after the game's first version was released, after seeing a thread on Facepunch about the game. He created the hockeyquestionmark subreddit, which would lead to the formation of North American leagues.

He created the HQML and played for the Mighty Dicks for the first 2 seasons, as well as playing for the Dallas Stars in the LHL. He had 24 points in just 11 games played. Dallas reached the finals, but was defeated in 6 games by the Washington Capitals.

Van Deke rejoined the LHL near the end of season 2, signing with Washington. Not scoring a goal in his few games with the team, he was traded to the Boston Bruins along with Acebulf, and finished the season with only 2 goals.

Dick Van Deke is the current GM of the Minnesota North Stars and plays for Team Texas in the HQML.

Awards and achievementsEdit

Season 1 LHL All-Star

Team USA 1

Team USA 2 backup