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Current Teams Nordic Union
Former Teams Alliance
Status Active
Joined 2012
DeNiS (born 4 October 1992) is an Ukrainian Hockey? player, who plays as a goalkeeper for Nordic Union and the Ukrainian national team.



Denis began his professional career on 30 October 2012 at Alliance. He

GK stats for 1 round of ST 2013

played his first official matches on Winter Tournament 2012, for Alliance B (Alliance team was divided into two teams because of amount of players) and proved himself like a good goalkeeper. Helped the team win the Delikatestrader Cup 2013.

National team
International Friendly. Game 1. Ukraine - England (29.03

International Friendly. Game 1. Ukraine - England (29.03.13)-1


On 29 March 2013 Denis took part in friendly matches between national teams of Ukraine and England (3:4, 2:3). This was the first meeting of the national teams in the history of Hockey? community. 

Nordic UnionEdit

On 7 September 2013 Denis left Alliance and joined Nordic Union on 22 September 2013. Together with Nordic Union won IPHL Cup 2013 and IPHL Winter League 2014.


  • Delikatestrader Cup 2013 Winner 
  • IPHL Cup 2013 Winner 
  • IPHL Winter League 2014 Winner


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